I'm Jacin... Options Trader and Coach

I have been married for twenty years to my wife and best friend, Michele. We have 5 awesome children. I solely support our family of 7 trading options and stocks full-time. I enjoy trading stocks and options using technical analysis. After a 25 year career in software sales, I wanted to work for myself and that is how ThetaQuest Stock Options and Technical Analysis Coaching was born.

I learned how to use technical analysis to identify trends and price patterns in 2007. I began applying technical analysis to trading stocks in my retirement account. In 2013, I began teaching myself how to trade options. I put $25,000 that I had saved into a brokerage account and turned it into over $240,000 by the end of 2014. This success was a combination of good timing and luck. A few losing trades after that and I realized I needed a trading plan. Over the course of the next few years, I continued to learn about different options strategies and their application. I learned how to trade option spreads and multi-leg strategies and how to use them to generate income in my investment portfolio and for high-probability returns.

After trading full-time with a track record of success with my trading plan, I wanted to give back to the investment community through coaching and teaching others.  My goal through my coaching practice is to teach individual investors who manage their own investments to take the next step, learn how to trade options, and how to include options in their investment plan.

Options are applicable to any investor regardless of risk tolerance and can be used to generate income, protect your portfolio, or to speculate in the market. I can teach you how. Sign up for a free consultation and we will discuss your investment goals, risk-tolerance, and together develop a coaching plan to help you incorporate options in your investment plan.