Options for Income

If you are looking to leverage capital or stock positions in your portfolio to generate consistant income, than this series is for you. Whether you are looking to supplement your income or trade full-time for a living, options provide the flexibility needed to provide consistant income while managing risk. I'll teach you the same strategies I use to provide the foundation of my income in my trading business which solely supports a family of seven. 

In this 5-session coaching package, you'll learn:

  • What options are and how these leveraged investment securities derive their value

  • Covered calls and cash-secured put strategies which can be used in combination with a portfolio of stocks to generate income

  • How to combine options into high-probability, multi-leg strategies like vertical spreads, iron condors, butterflies, and more

  • How to use time and volatility (in addition to price movement) to generate profitable trades even when price goes sideways

  • How to quantify and control risk

  • How to scan for stocks that offer the highest income potential for your options strategies

This series includes five (5) coaching sessions of 45 minutes each (via Zoom). Coaching sessions are scheduled weekly with additional sessions available upon request.

Package Total - $750