Options for Speculation

Are you looking to use options as a leveraged security and generate large returns on your investment? Many think using options for speculation versus trading stocks is risky. Conversely, trading stocks can carry even more risk than options, provide a lower probability of a profitable trade, while offering limited return on risk potential. 

In this 5-session coaching package, you'll learn:

  • What options are and how these leveraged investment securities derive their value

  • How to use call and put options to speculate on up and down price movement on stocks

  • How to use time and volatility (in addition to price movement) to generate profitable trades even when price goes sideways

  • How to quantify and control risk

  • How to set up high-probability trades for maximum success

  • How to combine options into multi-leg strategies like vertical spreads, time spreads, condors, butterflies, straddles and strangles, and more

  • Strategies to trade around earnings events

This series includes five (5) coaching sessions of 45 minutes each (via Zoom). Coaching sessions are scheduled weekly with additional sessions available upon request.

Package Total - $750